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I have set The Hour before Morning to requiring a password for viewing on Vimeo. If you want the password, just ask me. Reasons for this: I want to better control the content. We worked ever so hard on this film, but it's a first feature for many of us (first of any kind for me) and looks it, and I don't think it best reflects the talents of the people who put so much into it. It has some amazing scenes, however, and I would like to be able to excerpt them for fan-like videos, book trailers--and I welcome anyone who worked on it to do likewise for a reel or other purposes, but I think it will tantalize better in pieces, where its best parts can shine. And if people care to see the whole thing, well, they can ask for the password.
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We exceeded our goal on the Hour before Morning Kickstarter campaign! It's a huge relief to have it over. :) Now, I need to send our rewards.
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Hour before Morning Kickstarter Update!

We have raised $2052 toward our goal of $5000 by July 7th to fund post-production and distribution for the Hour before Morning film. 

We have 12 days to raise $2948 or we get zero.  Kickstarter is all-or-nothing!

The Hour before Morning is an indie science film about a murderer seeking redemption in an oppressive future.  He gets a helping hand from two of his fellow prisoners as they await execution.

The Hour before Morning is a movie we deeply believe in, but this campaign is about more than just a film. It's about the people behind it, people who donated hundreds of hours of their time to see our vision realized, even though most of them were (and are) strapped for cash in this poor economy. Reaching this funding goal will help us distribute a film that will bolster the résumés of so many talented people hoping to get their break into the world of filmmaking.

The minimum contribution is $1 (USD), and contributing to Kickstarter is easy.  Just click the link below, click, "back this project," and check out through  We're offering great rewards, including a signed copy of the book; copy of the movie; autographed photo of our dashing lead actor, Joel Albrecht; credit in the movie... and at our highest level a guaranteed role in the sequel.  

Our Kickstarter page

For more info, see our writeup on The Geek Girl Project.
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With 18 days to go, we have raised $1613 toward $5000 to complete and distribute my first film, The Hour before Morning, the story of a murderer seeking redemption in an oppressive future and finding compassion from two fellow prisoners as they await execution.

Backers at the $15 level will receive this lovely autographed photo of lead actor, Joel Albrecht in addition to sincere e-thanks and a PDF of the novel. The minimum contribution is $1 and all levels are welcome. Please consider chipping in and/or spread the word to the fans of thoughtful speculative fiction in your life. Thanks!

Click here for the Hour before Morning Kickstarter.

Joel Albrecht - Elek in The Hour before Morning
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The Kickstarter for my film, The Hour before Morning, has just launched!

The Hour before Morning is a science fiction movie about a murderer seeking redemption in an oppressive future. It is a universal story of hope and compassion arising from the ashes of injustice.

The film has been years in the making and is almost complete. If we are successfully funded, we can finish up post-production and afford to show our labor of love in film festivals.

Please consider supporting us if you can! Just click here.


The Hour before Morning Cover
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I'm quite happy with the way this one is shaping up!

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Many thanks to [ profile] astrogirl2 for a very thoughtful review of The Hour before Morning.

In HBM movie news, we finished our Kickstarter interview video, which I hope to have posted soon (a bit before the Kickstarter itself). The movie is in picture lock and off to the audio guy (for another round).

In other writing news, I seem to have moved toward posting my fic directly to AO3 and bypassing DW and LJ. For anyone who's interested, my first fic to get this treatment is "On Liberty and Love", a slashy Les Mis gen fic of about 3500 words.

In reading news, I got a Kindle and am loving it so far!

In life news, I'll be moving in a few weeks (just across the river) to the house where I intend to settle in and nest for some years with the kids once they arrive from Haiti (another several months hence). I also got a local class to teach this spring, which makes me happy. :-)
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Would you be interested in posting a brief review of either of my two novels, Perdita--an ecological sci fi story with a fairly traditional sociological/action/some romance plot--and The Hour before Morning, a shorter, more philosophical novel about colonial oppression and personal redemption?

I'm trying to gather enough reviews for a listing in Digital Book Today (18-20 reviews).

I'd be glad to send PDF review copies of either or both to anyone who's interested. Reviews can be really short; I'm basically just counting numbers of reviews.

Perdita teaser:

For a long while, Ethan sat on his cushion at the terminal, staring at the frequency dial without seeing it. If only he could get rid of the prisoner. She won’t give us anything. I’ve seen that wild look in her eyes; she’s even worse than some of the others....

And he didn’t want to have to hurt her. But the job was his; he’d have to do it. How could he convince her to speak honestly and speedily? Duress would not work well. Persuasion might work slightly less badly.

The Hour before Morning teaser:

But Elek didn't want to kill Jenchae. All at once, he felt old and strained and wanted to sleep. Recently, he started to picture himself just clinging to an outcropping of rock in the face of a sandstorm, expecting every moment to be torn into the wind. And the wind was in him, and if it didn't die soon, it would tear him to shreds. He wondered if Jenchae could make the wind die -- just for these last days.
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At long last, a work-print of the trailer for my film, The Hour before Morning!

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I took a tiny step in Hour before Morning (book) marketing today by submitting the title to Publisher's Weekly. This means it will get a listing and about a 25% chance of a review.

In movie news, Matt and I have almost finished the trailer. We're waiting on a slightly updated FX shot, and then we can get it out to you!

The film itself is mainly waiting on audio right now. Once we get the current cut synced with the current sound, we can do our final edits to tighten up the pacing, and then we'll be off and running. :)
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[personal profile] elf has written an [community profile] sps book review of The Hour before Morning (Ebook version) that knocked my socks off! I truly was not expecting such a lavish response!

What gratifies me most is that I know Elf to be a person who speaks her mind. Indeed, she once critiqued an essay of mine so roundly that I deleted it immediately, which was a good thing: her sensitivity to LJ/DW culture spared me a massive flaming. All this is to say that if she says she liked The Hour before Morning I believe she did, and as I hold her to be a discerning person of rigorous standards, I find that deeply complimentary.

Thanks, Elf!
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The Hour before Morning
Met with Matt today about The Hour before Morning. We actually didn't discuss the film much because it's getting on toward done. We did chat about trailers and marketing, which it was kind of exciting. Matt also showed me some of his color correction, which helps the look of the film a lot!

We picked a song from the score for the trailer. Grayson's score is haunting and just right, and [ profile] haemony sings the Ash'torian chant beautifully, almost androgynously.

The Crow
While fish-sitting for a friend today, I saw part of The Crow on his Netflix. (I missed it when it came out.) It's not a great movie, but it did make me miss enjoying stories with that tone: dark fantasy, angst. If anyone knows any such that are well written (i.e. not a just rehash of the usual tropes), I'm open to rec's.

The Geek Girl Project
I have started writing for The Geek Girl Project, a blog by geeky girls (or "firls" as Kitty would have me type), looking at media, tech, writing, etc. It's a great group of people and lots of fun.

Another Good Review Blog
Check out Nye Joel Hardy's science fiction, fantasy, and other book reviews.

Life Post-Trigun
It is very restful to be done with Trigun. I've been pondering a final cleanup post of miscellaneous thoughts, but I probably won't do that right away. I think it may be time to obsess on Mirage of Blaze again for while. (MoB looks oddly gentle and comforting after Trigun.)
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[ profile] i_bookwyrme has posted a lovely interview with me about The Hour before Morning movie. It's really professionally put together, and it's so nice of her to do this!

In what passes for my marketing blitz, I have also made a Facebook page for the film, which I invite you to like if you'd like. :)
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I wanted to post some examples of the impressive green screening work Michael Miller has been doing for us on a shoe string. We are so lucky to have his talent!

Elek works at a grungy rebel base.

More behind the cut )
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My science fiction novel, The Hour before Morning is now available on Kindle for $3.99 (USD), the price of shipping a print book:)

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I got to hear a substantial portion of the score for HBM today. It's sounding really good, and I'm fortunate to have a composer in Grayson who is not only good with musical composition but has put a lot of thought into the movie, its themes, moods, etc.

I feel re-galvanized, like we're making real progress.
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The Hour before Morning is (finally) available as an e-book. It's available for $8.99 (USD) on:

Lulu and


Product description:

Three people lie in a prison cell. One is a murderer. Can his companions help him unlock the door to his own mind before his unreasoning rages claim their lives? The Hour before Morning explores a distant future in which the human heart is much the same. The Ash'torians see their conquest of the Outliers as a triumph of civilization. The Outliers see it as servitude. Their resistance takes many forms, from non-violence to terrorism. Yet one thing remains constant: though lives are shattered, compassion endures.
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Michael has sent me some clips of his green screening work on the prison ship and rebel base. It's really impressive!

In particular, he did some very neat jiggery pokery with the fellows standing guard so that one looks much farther away than the other (they were filmed side by side). This gives an amazing feeling of depth.

I'm also very impressed that he actually managed to construct a plausible space ship out of the table wrapped in a green sheet we made Joel climb out of.

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Mike Bazanele, a.k.a. my cameraman, has created this lovely draft of a cover for m'book. Yay! (Yes, I hide my identity not at all on this journal.)

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As I slowly gear up to marketing my movie, I would appreciate your input as my target audience...

Poll #7951 What Would You Pay For
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 4

Assuming you like a movie well enough to want access to it, what options would you be most willing to pay for?

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pay-per-view online (ex. via PayPal)
1 (25.0%)

2 (50.0%)

3 (75.0%)

movie theater
2 (50.0%)

0 (0.0%)

If the movie above is based on a novel, which options would you most likely use?

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buy print novel
2 (50.0%)

buy e-book
1 (25.0%)

I'd only read it if it were free.
0 (0.0%)

I probably wouldn't read it.
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1 (25.0%)

What's a reasonable cost for a pay-per-view film?

What's a reasonable cost for an indie movie DVD (with special features)?

What's a reasonable cost for a movie download you can keep permanently?


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