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Would you be interested in posting a brief review of either of my two novels, Perdita--an ecological sci fi story with a fairly traditional sociological/action/some romance plot--and The Hour before Morning, a shorter, more philosophical novel about colonial oppression and personal redemption?

I'm trying to gather enough reviews for a listing in Digital Book Today (18-20 reviews).

I'd be glad to send PDF review copies of either or both to anyone who's interested. Reviews can be really short; I'm basically just counting numbers of reviews.

Perdita teaser:

For a long while, Ethan sat on his cushion at the terminal, staring at the frequency dial without seeing it. If only he could get rid of the prisoner. She won’t give us anything. I’ve seen that wild look in her eyes; she’s even worse than some of the others....

And he didn’t want to have to hurt her. But the job was his; he’d have to do it. How could he convince her to speak honestly and speedily? Duress would not work well. Persuasion might work slightly less badly.

The Hour before Morning teaser:

But Elek didn't want to kill Jenchae. All at once, he felt old and strained and wanted to sleep. Recently, he started to picture himself just clinging to an outcropping of rock in the face of a sandstorm, expecting every moment to be torn into the wind. And the wind was in him, and if it didn't die soon, it would tear him to shreds. He wondered if Jenchae could make the wind die -- just for these last days.
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