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I began this a couple of months ago and never got it finished/posted. It's not going to be finished in the near future, so I thought I'd go ahead and post what I have.

Markus Alexander, Or Government by Kucinich

Have you ever seen Dennis Kucinich give a speech? He speaks soberly and at great length about how Plan A will address Problem B within the parameters of Socioeconomic Reality C in such as a way as to forestall Problem D with minimal Problem E. Now and then, his supporters cheer, and he stumbles to halt with a perturbed look upon his face as if he cannot comprehend why these strange noises have interrupted his train of thought. After some moments of staring blankly, he resumes his discussion of Socioeconomic Reality C and its ramifications for Problem D should Plan A not be adopted. And he's usually right.

Have you ever seen Markus Alexander give a speech? He's rather more abstract, having less specific policy to speechify about, and he's younger and better looking, and he is more likely to get boos than cheers, owing to the composition of his audience. But beyond that, the resemblance is striking. You could fit this man's charisma in a thimble.

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Slash in the Jeremiah-verse

This installment of my Jeremiad is on its slash fandom and my own perspectives on slashing the series. The impulse is understandable. In "Fathers and Sons", Aaron Severson describes the female characters as "comparatively colorless," and with the exception of Theo, he's not kidding. They're not bad, mind. They're just not very present. So you focus on the men, but getting them together is trickier than it sounds (and trickier, I think, than most of Jeremiah's slash writers give it credit for).

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I have now finished watching Jeremiah and will probably make a series of meta posts. ([ profile] ewans_gal_4ever, I have also watched three episodes of Jericho.) I heartily wish I had gotten into Jeremiah fandom in its heyday. It looks to have been a very special fandom with a high degree of communication and collaboration between the producers and fans and also a lot of high quality fic (a lot that is high quality, not a lot of fic per se. I wish I could find more.)

I have really enjoyed this show. I want to state that clearly as I begin my meta foray with a certain degree of complaining about...

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Jeremiah: God Talks to Mister Smith

I was reading a review of Jeremiah the other day in which the commentator expressed some discomfort with the way Mister Smith is depicted as hearing the voice of God. The commentator stated that the effect was to make the existence of God a fact in Jeremiah canon in a way that left no room for diversity of nuance in belief. I understand this frustration, yet, curiously enough given that I'm a life-long agnostic, I don't share it. In the main, I have no problem with the depiction of Mister Smith's relationship with "God," and here's why...

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Two Apocalyptic J Shows

At the suggestion of [ profile] ewans_gal_4ever, I started watching Jericho recently. It put me in mind of another post-apocalyptic J show I missed during its original run. Thus, I've been watching Jeremiah too. I far prefer Jeremiah, which fascinates me because one could make a good case that Jericho is the better show. My response (and the reasons for it) remind me of the Firefly/Crusade comparison I've made in the past.

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