Aug. 6th, 2010

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I have now finished watching Jeremiah and will probably make a series of meta posts. ([ profile] ewans_gal_4ever, I have also watched three episodes of Jericho.) I heartily wish I had gotten into Jeremiah fandom in its heyday. It looks to have been a very special fandom with a high degree of communication and collaboration between the producers and fans and also a lot of high quality fic (a lot that is high quality, not a lot of fic per se. I wish I could find more.)

I have really enjoyed this show. I want to state that clearly as I begin my meta foray with a certain degree of complaining about...

Ecological Discourse in Jeremiah )
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I derive great fun from JMS's naming conventions, the way he likes to stick his initials in and recycle things. Here, to accompany my meta series on Jeremiah is some fun with naming...

J names:
B5: Jeffrey, John; Crusade: John; Jeremiah: well...

M names:
B5: Michael, Mollari, Marcus; Crusade: Matthew, Matheson, Max; Jeremiah: Markus, Meaghan, Mister (it's a proper name), Malloy

S names:
B5: Susan, Stephen, Sinclair, Sheridan; Crusade: Sarah; Jeremiah: Smith, Simon, Sims, Sarah (one ep., but it stands out)

For reasons I don't understand, there are a lot of G names too:
B5: Garibaldi, G'Kar; Crusade: Gideon, Galen; Jeremiah: Gabriel, Gina

John Sheridan, John Matheson (Matthew and Matheson in the same show is almost a recycle in itself.)
Simon (Jeremiah has two: Simon and Ezekiel)
Sarah Chambers, Sarah in Jeremiah (the one played by Six)
Marcus Cole, Markus Alexander; Lyta Alexander, Markus Alexander.... Markus has a double-doomed name in the JMS-verse, and it makes me fear for what would have happened to him if they'd had a season 3.

Stolen from Blake's 7 names:
B5: Anna (the evil ex); Jeremiah: Lauren (the sister you almost never see)

Having fun with Tolkien names:
A quick trip to the ROTK appendices informs me that Sam had a daughter, as well as a wife, named Rose (she was his third child). (But why is Meaghan also a "Rose"?)
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Slash in the Jeremiah-verse

This installment of my Jeremiad is on its slash fandom and my own perspectives on slashing the series. The impulse is understandable. In "Fathers and Sons", Aaron Severson describes the female characters as "comparatively colorless," and with the exception of Theo, he's not kidding. They're not bad, mind. They're just not very present. So you focus on the men, but getting them together is trickier than it sounds (and trickier, I think, than most of Jeremiah's slash writers give it credit for).

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