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Yet Another Post on Sexism in Moffat's Shows

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that Steven Moffat is the Ben Steed of his generation. For those not up on their BBC TV writers of thirty-plus years ago, Ben Steed was a writer for Blake’s 7 (among other things), now widely remembered in Blake’s 7 fandom as that sexist pig. This is a shame for the late Steed: in many respects he was a good writer, but he allowed his bigotry to distort the virtues of his stories, leaving a sour taste in the mouth of many fans across the decades. Steven Moffat seems committed to an updated version of the same trajectory, and it’s a shame for him too because he, too, is a good writer, but that fact is increasingly being obscured by the sexism* of his shows.

The Lessons of History )
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Fandoms: Blake's 7, Doctor Who
Title: "Sacrifice"
Characters: Avon, Ten, Orac, Slave
Rating: PG for traces of angst
Summary: A quiet moment on Scorpio is interrupted by an annoying visitor.
A/N: This is my [ profile] help_japan story, won by [ profile] kerravonsen, who gave me the prompt: Avon and Ten having an argument in which each is partially right. My wonderful beta reader, [personal profile] vilakins observed that I might not be entirely on prompt; I'll let readers be the judge. Many thanks for the excellent beta! I'm a little embarrassed that the arc of this story is identical to my Avon/Cally story, but Avon's life just lends itself!


With four hours remaining until Scorpio arrived at Xenon Base, Avon reclined in his seat and ruminated.

He ought to have known better. The ambush, inevitably, came the moment he let his guard down. The clank of a hatch, a maintenance door growling open, and out stumbled a character with a manner reminiscent of Vila, and like Vila, rather too inept to be believable.Read more... )
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B sent me this fun bit of Doctor Who satire. How did they anticipate Rose like that? :-)
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Doctor Who: Series 5 Review

Now that I've seen all but one or two episodes of DW series 5 (I missed a couple in the middle), I'm going to chime in with some sort of assessment. On the whole, I've enjoyed it. Beneath the cut, my good/bad breakdown...

Spoilers, as River would say, over and over... and over )
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I need to do an update, so here is some stuff.

* I finish reading Pale Fire. Pale Fire is to the Russian Revolution as Slaughterhouse 5 is to the firebombing of Dresden.

* Speaking of getting unstuck in time, I also watched The Fountain, which is a very good and interesting movie about coping with death. And very pretty and a bit historical and science fictiony. I have little to say against it except that Isabella (in the 16th century plotline) falls flat (but she's mostly symbolic anyway). And there is a certain amount of race fail, combined, however, with a genuine interest in non-Western traditions, which mitigates it, I think. The rest is lovely.

* Having seen the Blade of the Immortal anime, I am now catching up on bits of the manga. I doubt I will read the series in toto, but what I am falling in love with, I'm falling for hard. At first, I was a bit blown away that every single person in MoB fandom seems to be a fan of BotI too, but the more I see, the more it makes perfect sense. These stories--despite coming from different media, being aimed at different audiences, having different tones, and accomplishing different things--are of the same soul, which leads me to ask, has anyone (in English) crossed them over? And if not, why not?

* Speaking of MoB, I did catch up on vol. 22 (prologue-ch. 2) and have only been very quiet about it because it didn't do much for me. Part of it I'd read already (Naoe and Irobe, which is nice.) I was expecting more about Nagahide and was, thus, a bit disappointed not to get it. I find the Red Whales a bit dull (or, to take responsibility, have not invested the time in getting to know their panoply of characters), but I did enjoy Takaya bonding with the boy who reminded him of Miya.

* Rewatched some M*A*S*H. It remains one of the best TV series ever made, full stop. It also strikes me that Hawkeye is a pretty direct ancestor of Boston Legal's Alan Shore.

* I have also been watching two other shows I'm keeping mum about: Doctor Who series 5 and The House of Five Leaves. Both are interesting me, but I want to wait till they've ended to make my final assessment.
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I want to add my voice to the great End of Time commentary. In general, I agree with many people: there were good things and bad things, and I agree with many about which things were which.

Spoilers for Doctor Who: The End of Time )
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Fandom: Torchwood/Doctor Who
Title: "For the Greater Good"
Characters: Ten, Jack
Rating: PG-13 for themes, angst
Spoilers: Massive spoilers for TW: Children of the Earth, nothing really for DW, except basic New Who premise.
Disclaimer: I claim nothing, not even the stuff I've made up.
Summary: Set after CotT and shortly before The Waters of Mars: the Doctor and Jack save history and catch up on recent events.
A/N: This story has been floating in my mind for while and finally floated out.

For the Greater Good )
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I had an all-around good Thanksgiving. (Happy evening of Thanksgiving, all.) Good food and good company all concluded by around 3 p.m. Having successful negotiated the social adventures of the day, I got to lift the weight from my shoulders and bum around in the fannish labyrinth of my mind for several hours. Now, that's a holiday.

And having a day off, I'm going to do a fannish roundup:

Old shows I have been revisiting:

Babylon 5, season 5 )

Blake's 7, series 4 )

And then, the new:

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars - light spoilers )
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From Alan Sepinwall's Interview with Russell T. Davies

AS: Was it a coincidence or by design that all of the major companions during your run were women?

RTD: It's by design, to be honest. The show has had male companions in the past, and there have been times when he's had three or four companions at the same time, but if you strip the show down to its essentials, it's one man, and one woman. I don't think I would have been happy if it was just two men in the TARDIS. In the year 2009, still, there aren't enough lead roles for women, anyway. At the same time, we introduced Captain Jack, who was a companion for a time before we put him in "Torchwood."

Points for spotting the irony in this statement. Further points for connecting it to New Who (or even Old Who) in general.


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