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Yet Another Post on Sexism in Moffat's Shows

I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that Steven Moffat is the Ben Steed of his generation. For those not up on their BBC TV writers of thirty-plus years ago, Ben Steed was a writer for Blake’s 7 (among other things), now widely remembered in Blake’s 7 fandom as that sexist pig. This is a shame for the late Steed: in many respects he was a good writer, but he allowed his bigotry to distort the virtues of his stories, leaving a sour taste in the mouth of many fans across the decades. Steven Moffat seems committed to an updated version of the same trajectory, and it’s a shame for him too because he, too, is a good writer, but that fact is increasingly being obscured by the sexism* of his shows.

The Lessons of History )
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[personal profile] sixish was kind enough to show me Sherlock series 1 quite some time ago. I subsequently bought it and rewatched it, but life proved too busy for me to sit down and post on it. So here's some catch up.

I really like the show; I'm looking forward to series 2. I am not a huge Holmes fan in general and have been annoyed in recent years at the constant reinvention (usually in direction of gayer and sexier) that Holmes has been getting. It just seemed like enough was enough. So I was dubious about this show. But it's a good reboot. Moving story into the 21st century gave it the new life it needed to justify the rehash, yet it retains the core of what made Holmes famous: the brilliance and quirk and the friendship, of course, and I'm proud of it for pitching toward asexual. Great casting, great acting.

I do have some complaints though, and I'm going to harp on two--

Both Issues Relating to Women--with Spoilers )


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