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Many thanks to [ profile] astrogirl2 for a very thoughtful review of The Hour before Morning.

In HBM movie news, we finished our Kickstarter interview video, which I hope to have posted soon (a bit before the Kickstarter itself). The movie is in picture lock and off to the audio guy (for another round).

In other writing news, I seem to have moved toward posting my fic directly to AO3 and bypassing DW and LJ. For anyone who's interested, my first fic to get this treatment is "On Liberty and Love", a slashy Les Mis gen fic of about 3500 words.

In reading news, I got a Kindle and am loving it so far!

In life news, I'll be moving in a few weeks (just across the river) to the house where I intend to settle in and nest for some years with the kids once they arrive from Haiti (another several months hence). I also got a local class to teach this spring, which makes me happy. :-)
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On Slashing Enjolras

I keep updating this on AO3, so let me just direct you there.
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From [ profile] astrogirl2 and others: my 10 most read AO3 stories, and my guesses as to why...

1) "Exorcising the Demon" (Mirage of Blaze, Naoe/Takaya)--If there's a fandom I have any modest (and it is modest) celebrity in, it's MoB, and this is one of two times I've actually written Naoe/Takaya, which is everybody's OTP, so this stands to reason. Give 'em what they want.

2) "Patterns of Life" (Mirage of Blaze/Mushishi, Naoe/Ginko)--This surprises and pleases me. I have a lot of affection for this story, but I'm surprised that a long, multi-part crossover between MoB and a relatively small fandom, that (gasp) pairs Naoe with someone not Takaya should be so widely read. I guess it plays off the MoB love and Naoe love. Maybe it's a good read.

3) "And after Honesty?" (Farscape, Scorpius/Sikozu)--Damn, this is an old fic! My oldest on AO3. I guess it speaks to Farscape's enduring popularity, and probably to Scorpius'. It certainly can't be Sikozu's! Though I'm not alone in wanting a better explanation for Sikozu after PKW. Also a long one, also surprising people sat down and read it.

4) "Hope" (Blake's 7, Avon/Cally)--Well, B7 is well-loved, and Avon/Cally has a niche in many fans' hearts, even if it can't compete with Avon/Blake, and the fic is short, so that's probably it:) It makes me feel like posting my Blake/Avon fic, just to see what would happen.

5) "The Guilty" (Death Note/Monster, Tenma/Nina, Johan, L, Light, Watari, etc.)--Again, I'm a little surprised a long crossover picked up so many readers, but Death Note is a huge fandom. I do find it interesting, though, that this story scores way above its prequel: maybe I scared people off by slashing (sorta) Watari and Tenma?

6) "Addiction to Hands and Feet" (Texhnolyze, Ichise/Toyama)--Now, this surprises me! Texhnolyze is almost nil as a fandom, and this fic was written extremely fast and off-the-cuff. On the other hand, it is short and it is competing with very, very few other Tex. fics:)

7) "The Hammer" (Gungrave, Brandon, Harry)--Same as Tex., I expect: it's short, hence not scary, and Gungrave has picked up so few fics that it doesn't have a lot of clicky competition.

8) "Love Letters" (Banana Fish, Ash, Eiji/Sing)--It makes me smile that 19 people (or iterations) actually chose to read this 31,000 word fic from an old and, thus, rather quiet fandom (and a fic that doesn't even pair Ash and Eiji, well, not sexually). I worked really hard on it; I poured a lot of myself into it, so I'm glad it's pleased someone.

9) "Sons and Lovers" (Death Note/Monster, Tenma/Watari, L, B)--The "Guilty" prequel. Not picking up many readers, but I'm glad someone likes it. Again Tenma/Watari is scary? They only kiss.

10) "Love in a Finite Place" (Banana Fish, Ash/Eiji, Eiji/Sing)--The "Love Letters" sequel. I'm a little surprised it's read less than "Love Letters," given that my notes advertise it as a stand alone. It's shorter and it has the principals actually meeting in person. Maybe people are scared off by the "60 years later"? Maybe a lot just won't read a sequel till they reach it, and they don't make it through the 31,000 words?


And the boobie prize, with a grand total of 0 hits, goes to "Present Friends" (Mob, Naoe/Haruie)-- Boy, talk about an unpopular pairing:) It breaks people's minds so much they can't even bear to click:-)
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I've been fascinated by the recent discussions of whether AO3 should allow original fic to be archived. And I'm very impressed by the tone of the discussion, which seems in the main serious, intelligent, and non-dogmatic.

I'm in favor of allowing original fic for multiple reasons, many of which others have discussed eloquently. But my personal motive for wanting to post original fic is one I haven't seen much discussed: wanting to write fic that is broadly allusive. Today's copyright law is, in my opinion, insane in its rigidity. I'll give you a case in point from a story I actually really published in the old-fashioned, "professionally" acceptable and legal way. It's called "God of Lemons" and features a girl and some historical figures getting trapped in the afterlife. This story was written right around the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death, so I wanted it to include a Lennon tribute. The way this fit was to end the story on the symbolic resonance of noting that "all you need is love." Except "All you need is love" is a line from a Beatles song, and therefore, I am not allowed to quote it without obtaining copyright permission and paying royalties. In practice, this means that, if you include this kind of quote, no publisher will look at you if you're not already famous because they don't want to do this/pay this on your behalf. I don't blame them. So I sent in my story with some half-assed line about how love is very important or something. It really undercut the power of the ending. To what purpose? The purpose of not having as strong a tribute to Lennon and the Beatles as I would have if I had violated their copyright.

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