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Tori Amos's song, Cars and Guitars is a song I've claimed as an Anna re. Avon, and I'll admit it doesn't read straight out of "Rumours"; it's more based on my fanon, but I like the balance it presents between genuine attachment and a sense of unbridgeable distance. This perhaps best exemplified by the chorus line, "...what if I keep on driving?" This line can be interpreted in two diametrically opposed ways: 1) What if I drive on past you? 2) What if I keep driving along with you? If ever there was a relationship exemplified by this kind of ambiguity, it is Anna's "real feelings" about Avon.
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Rambles in which Gungrave and the Iliad are a central examples for thinky thoughts on the nature of narrative, archetype, modal displacement, history, and personality typing.

Now that I've lost all my readers...

Gungrave has made a whole lot more sense to me since I figured out that its theme can be summed up as Achilles and Patroclus if they broke up. Of course, Achilles and Patroclus don't break up. Why? This begs comparison between ancient Greek epic and contemporary seinen anime.

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Last in my spate of journal updating, thoughts that have been long brewing about the career trajectory of Tori Amos, who, let's be clear, is my favorite pop singer/songwriter ever, ever, ever by a mile. I'm not going to say anything not abundantly said on comments on her recent releases, but I want to chew it over in my own words.

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I have been rediscovering Tori Amos lately through Venus Orbiting, which has a fantastic re-visioning of the song, "Waitress." And it came to me that this song is just about the perfect L and B song, that is, B's POV of L.

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