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The Hour before Morning
Met with Matt today about The Hour before Morning. We actually didn't discuss the film much because it's getting on toward done. We did chat about trailers and marketing, which it was kind of exciting. Matt also showed me some of his color correction, which helps the look of the film a lot!

We picked a song from the score for the trailer. Grayson's score is haunting and just right, and [ profile] haemony sings the Ash'torian chant beautifully, almost androgynously.

The Crow
While fish-sitting for a friend today, I saw part of The Crow on his Netflix. (I missed it when it came out.) It's not a great movie, but it did make me miss enjoying stories with that tone: dark fantasy, angst. If anyone knows any such that are well written (i.e. not a just rehash of the usual tropes), I'm open to rec's.

The Geek Girl Project
I have started writing for The Geek Girl Project, a blog by geeky girls (or "firls" as Kitty would have me type), looking at media, tech, writing, etc. It's a great group of people and lots of fun.

Another Good Review Blog
Check out Nye Joel Hardy's science fiction, fantasy, and other book reviews.

Life Post-Trigun
It is very restful to be done with Trigun. I've been pondering a final cleanup post of miscellaneous thoughts, but I probably won't do that right away. I think it may be time to obsess on Mirage of Blaze again for while. (MoB looks oddly gentle and comforting after Trigun.)


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