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This is a very old list of links from my StarMerrow site, which I'm taking out of commission. A lot of them are probably dead, but some might still be alive and useful. Use as you wish and can!

SF&F Organizations

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.: The big cheese of SF/F writers' organizations.

Speculative Literature Foundation: a new organization, with resources, including a grant, to help spec. fic. writers.

Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists

Publishing Resources

Copyright Information information on creative commons licenses, an alternative to traditional copyright.

Getting Copyright Permissions: This is a page designed to show school kids how to request permission to use copyrighted texts (songs lyrics, etc.) in school projects. Bizarrely, it's the best (only) resource I've that suggests how to request copyright permissions other than for business or educational uses. If you know a better one more aimed at fiction writers, please let me know.

Finding Places to Submit Work
Duotrope: extensive search tool for fiction markets. extensive search tool for spec fic and humor markets.

Submitting to a Blackhole: List of response times and sales/rejections for various spec fic book and magazine publishers based on reports submitted by authors.

Preditors and Editors: Excellent guide to both the etiquette of publishing and a vast number of publishers, agents, contests, etc., including "recommended" and "not recommended" citations.

The Association of Authors' Representatives (AAR): Professional society for literary agents that holds its members to a strict canon of ethics.

StoryPilot Market's Search Engine: includes an option to search for audio markets, print, and online.

Writers of the Future Contest: Major, prestiguous contest founded by L. Ron Hubbard to promote new talent in science fiction and fantasy. Also runs a contest for illustrators.

Aphelion: A self-described "writer's workshop and exposure resource," this e-zine is low-prestige and non-paying but, unlike most, actually accepts a fair number of stories.

Other Publishing Resources
"How to Write a Synopsis" by Marg Gilks. A free service designed to allow online collaborative writing, publishing, blogging, etc., print-on-demand service for self-publishers. No setup fees. A print on demand service for self-publishers.

Funding Help

Books on Applying for Government Grants, including one book devoted specifically to the arts. a site that offers grants-related resources for a fee.

Grants for Individuals: Arts

Grants for Individuals: Music

Grants for Individuals: Writing

Grants for Individuals: Film

Indietalk's Forum: Excellent place to discuss the indie film industry, including funding tips. It doesn't offer funding itself.

AwardWeb: Science Fiction Award News

SF&F Community Resources

ArtDesy - An Art Directory covering artists, literature, music, dance, movies, theater, and more.

StarMerrow's LiveJournal Community: includes market and writing info. and discussion the speculative fiction industry.

Critters Workshop: The premier speculative fiction online workshop and much more. Check out their resources page!

Genre Neep: Livejournal community with discussions and annoucements about "genre" fiction and crossing traditional genre lines.

Theatrical Muse: Livejournal community aimed at fan fiction writers. Writers respond, in character, to various questions as an exercise in developing and understanding a character.

Livejournal Community for SF, Fantasy, and Horror Writers

Livejournal Community: Market Info. for Writers of Spec. Fic.

DeviantART: thriving online community where artists and writers post and discuss their work.


Redwood Writers Club: Sonoma County branch of the California Writers Club, has regular meetings and a critique group.

Sonoma County Writers' Guide: a guide to local writers' resources.

Bookbuilders West: Massive resource for career development and community support for independent publishers. Based in the Bay Area.

Artists' Resources in Sonoma County: Web site supporting the Sonoma County visual arts community. Artists can place their contact info. and a short bio. on the site.

Bay Area Filmmakers Tribe: online meeting place for Bay Area filmmakers.

Bay Backlot: online meeting place for Bay Area filmmakers.


The Wordos: Long-established sci fi and fantasy writers critiquing group in Eugene, Oregon. Including pros and amateurs, this group follows a Clarion style critiquing process.

Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts (DIVA): Community support, resources, and public exposure for visual artists and filmmakers (Eugene, Oregon).

Fan (Derivative) Works

Organization for Transformative Works: "Archive Of Our Own project to build a major multifandom non-profit archive for fanfic."

Council of Elrond: A well-managed site featuring fan creations in the Middle-earth universe.

Metafandom: LiveJournal community collecting essays, thoughts, rants about fan fiction, fan art, and the politics of fandom.

Fanthropology: LiveJournal Community for the critical study of fandom.
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