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labingi ([personal profile] labingi) wrote2017-01-28 09:10 am
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Maybe consider joining Go-Write-2017?

I have joined the new DW community [community profile] go_write_2017, and I think it's a great idea: a general community for writers to support each other by posting updates on their work, having general writing discussions, etc. (I think it is not for actually posting work, but it could be a good place to find beta readers.) Membership is currently open but will close early in the year to encourage a nuclear community of involved people who can get to know and support each other.

The community is pretty quiet now, but I really hope it takes off. It's a sort of online writing community I've been looking for, so if the same is true for you, maybe think about joining? I'd love to see you there!
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[personal profile] vilakins 2017-01-28 10:31 pm (UTC)(link)
I belong to picowrimo on LJ (originally set up as an alternative to nanowrimo) though I haven't done much writing in the last year of personal upheaval. They're really supportive, but don't run all the time, just November originally, and now with June and July added. I'd join this new one but I like knowing most of the people at pico. Besides, it's only fanfic I write ATM. Maybe one day...