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2011-02-13 09:14 pm
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More Gungrave Songs

I have been back in Gungrave headspace, all the more so as I've started to rewatch it with [personal profile] sixish. Gungrave is almost completely unficcable, but I had a song list revelation last night. Below the cut are some additions to my Gungrave songs, with a spot of explanation.

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2010-09-02 08:46 pm
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Vid Wishes

I cannot vid, but one day before I die, I will meet someone who can and will do me vids for my birthday. Till that day, I am going to keep track of vids I would like to see under this "vid wishes" tag. (If any of these already exist, let me know!)

* Any version of Jude the Obscure to "Hey, Jude" (Why has this not been done?)

* Gungrave, Harry to Brandon, to "When I'm Alone" (Carbon Leaf): (The POV would be very late in the story, obviously.)

* Blade of the Immortal, Rin and Anotsu, to "This Is Not Love" (Jethro Tull)

* Blade of the Immortal, Anotsu and Makie, to "We Belong" (Pat Benatar) (or alternatively to "Total Eclipse of the Heart")

* Blade of the Immortal, Makie, to "Crucify" (Tori Amos) or to "Pixie" (Ani Difranco)

* Blade of the Immortal, Rin (loosely re. Manji), to "Heart of Gold" (Neil Young, Tori Amos version from Strange Little Girls)

* Texhnolyze (Ichise POV) to "On the Radio" (Regina Spektor)

Honorable mention. I don't think this is viddable with anime material, but I've found I really like "The Moth" (Aimee Mann) for Mirage of Blaze, Kagetora re. Naoe, maybe around vol. 24 and following.
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2010-04-21 10:26 pm

My Fantasy Gungrave Vids

I want two Gungrave vids:

1) Brandon to Harry, using Sarah McLachlan's "Path of Thorns (Terms of Endearment)"
2) Harry to Brandon, using Alanis Morissette's "You Oughta Know"

Sadly, I cannot vid, so I'm just going to discuss it instead. And I'm going to quote full lyrics (repetition of choruses omitted) with no copyright infringement intended. I mean it as an aid to an analysis of a narrative, which I would like to think is fair use...

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