May. 11th, 2013

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Psycho-Pass: cop-turned-criminal tangles with disgruntled literature major (or that’s how I like to look at it). This 2012 series from Production I. G. is excellent hard sci fi and close-but-no-cigar to excellent character drama. Set about a hundred years in the future, the series posits a Japan in which all people are monitored by means of a biofeedback device called a “psycho-pass” (katakana pun on “psychopath”). The psycho-pass measures emotional state. If a person reaches a certain level of agitation, a very pink and kawaii robot (or cop inside a holo-robot suit) may appear to suggest therapy. At a higher level, the pink robot may arrest you or shoot you dead. This system is the basis of Japan’s new calm and well-adjusted civilization. But as you might expect, it also poses problems. For one thing, some high-strung or traumatized people are not really criminally inclined, yet they may find themselves imprisoned or worse. Conversely, there’s a segment of the population that tests as normal but is, in fact, coldly sociopathic. (If this sounds like Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, it’s meant to: the anime explicitly invokes the book.) Throughout the series, a team of Enforcers (emotionally volatile prisoners put to work as cops) and their detective supervisors deal with with various crimes, mostly fomented by one of these cold sociopaths.

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I'm quite happy with the way this one is shaping up!


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